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Since 2005, TOBEN has been breaking the status quo in the Toronto catering industry through transformative cuisine, outstanding event management and an unsurpassed dedication to its clients. Rooted in formal training, the TOBEN culinary team reinvents contemporary cuisine while bringing inspiration from the reaches of the world; Thailand, Korea, Vietnam, South America, India, Japan, Europe and beyond. With a reputation for executing stellar events time and time again, the TOBEN team takes catering to new heights by creating an exclusive experience that will leave you and your guests wanting more.



We help turn life’s biggest moments into extraordinary events through transformative cuisine and unparalleled event management.

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As a trusted partner of numerous charitable organizations, we know how to execute a stellar event, down to every last detail.

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We know corporate like no other and are ready to help you impress your staff, clients, and guests time and time again.

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Seasonal, locally sourced, and expertly crafted cuisine delivered next-day to your doorstep with the click of a button.

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We take our premium scratch-made fare on the road to impress private and corporate guests in a fun and unique way.

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As a preferred partner to a number of unique Toronto venues, we can help you find the perfect backdrop for your next event.

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Meet the Owners

Toronto’s dynamic sibling duo, Toben and Elana Kochman, entered the catering scene in 2005. From humble beginnings in their family home kitchen to what is now a hospitality empire, the family run company has never lost sight of what is truly important when it comes to running a business: amazing staff and food driven by technique and passion. 

In the early days, Toben honed in on his craft at the Cordon Bleu School of Culinary Arts in Paris while Elana studied fine art and worked as a manager in many celebrated fine dining establishments. When the “one off” request came in to cater a charity event, they combined their operational, artistic, and culinary expertise to create a dining experience like no other at the time. After receiving an overwhelmingly positive response from clients, Toben and Elana took their side gig to the next level and officially launched TOBEN Food by Design in 2005. After over a decade of success, another expert was brought in to support the next stage of expansion. In 2016, Ryan Feldman joined as CFO. With a background in private equity and M&A, he brought expertise in strategy & growth to elevate the company to new heights. The trio now stands as a testament to the company’s continuing commitment to excellence and innovation in the hospitality world.

Meet the Event Managers

Leveraging years of hospitality experience and guided by Meagan Carder, TOBEN’s VP of Sales, our incredible team of Event Managers is here to support you throughout your event planning journey. Acting as a true partner, their expertise will ensure your event is executed flawlessly with a keen attention to detail not only when it comes to food but your entire experience. Contact your dedicated Event Manager or let us connect you for your next event!