Grilling and BBQs are synonymous with summer. Everyone has a favourite memory from a Summer BBQ, and at least one favourite kind of barbecue meal – from perfectly grilled steak, to charred corn on the cob, BBQ can provide something for everyone! Often times, however, A barbecue, is considered more of a casual, comfort food gathering leaving some to wonder whether it’s appropriate for all different occasions.

We're here to show you how a BBQ can be transformed into the perfect social catering for any event. In Toronto, more and more people are turning to a BBQ buffet for a catered event opting for seasonal flavours in a more relaxed setting. When considering a BBQ for your next event, you’ll first have to ask yourself whether this type of food is a good match for the theme and goal of the party.

So, Is BBQ a good option for catering a Corporate Event?

Corporate events typically feature classic catering options and styles. The menu usually offers a nice variety for guest selection, that can include items from local cuisine, international fare, or a fusion of both served in a format that is efficient and more formal, so BBQ buffets aren’t often considered as an option, but it is important thing to consider that all BBQ buffets aren’t created equal - it doesn't just mean burgers and hot dogs! Our experienced chefs at TOBEN Food by Design can quickly elevate the barbecue concept and turn it into a gourmet experience. Some BBQ-inspired catering choices are so sophisticated that they may even be a good choice for a shareholder meeting or a seminar!

In a corporate setting, Barbecues are also a great choice for team building occasions. Gathering the entire team to spend some quality time together over a delicious, and relaxed barbecue will bring people together. The very nature of the event is an ice breaker and the addition of the comfort food will make people feel even more at ease.

BBQ Buffets Are Also the Ideal Choice for Catering Casual Events

Out of the office, BBQ catered buffets are a great choice for casual parties such as family gatherings, pre-wedding rehearsal dinners with friends, anniversaries, and reunions. BBQ-inspired menus celebrate the season, incorporate fresh ingredients that are available locally during this time of year, and can provide great variety for you and your guests.

If you want to impress your guests and stray away from the traditional choices, we, at TOBEN Food by Design are here to help create the perfect menu, and are happy to show you BBQ done right!