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Coming close to the New Year, everyone is starting to this of their new years resolution!

Mine personally is to becoming more organised and strengthen my memory! You can do this by getting enough sleep and playing brain games like Sudoku. But did you know that there are some Delicious foods that you can eat to help your brain even more? Here is a list of 8 great foods for your brain to incorporate into your diet in 2018:


Beets - Beet Memory loss! Beets are one of my favourite Holiday sides! Who knew they reduce inflammation, and help get rid of toxins in your blood. They are also great to boost your energy for that new workout class you joined!


Avocado - Ah, The millennial favourite -Avocados. They are FULL of folates and vitamin K which helps prevent blood clots in the brain (Yikes!) It helps cognitive function, meaning it helps you concentrate and improves your memory.


Leafy Greens - Lettuce Celebrate the new year with more greens! Spinach, swiss Chard and Romaine can have some great benefits. Darker greens like Kale can even help patients of dementia  help  prevent mental deterioration, and slow dementia down


Coconut Oil - Coconut oil is super easy to incorporate in your daily diet! It can be used to substitute butter to grease your pan when making scrambled eggs, or used  to cook almost anything in a frying pan! It is another anti inflammatory food that will helps with memory loss, but it will also kill bad bacteria in your stomach!


Dark Chocolate - Treat yourself to amazing blood flow to the brain! Its rare to find anyone who doesn't like chocolate, and if you are eating the right type, it can have great benefits to the brain. Not just any kind of chocolate has benefits though, make sure it is 70% cocoa or more, to get the most benefits. (Also eat in moderation, just like everything else!)


Blueberries - Have a Berry great day with this incredible fruit! Because of their high levels of gallic acid, blueberries reduce degeneration and stress in your brain!


Salmon - Salmon has omega-3 fatty acids thats helps your brain run smooth as butter! It also can prevent ADHD in children, and helps them keep focused! Whether it is in your favourite sushi roll or a full on filet, Salmon is another must eat item!


Walnuts -  These nuts are incredible as salad toppers and have a high saturation of minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins that can improve mental alertness. The vitamin E  in walnuts can also help ward off Alzheimer’s!