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1. The Menu can be Fully Customized

As one of the leading food trucks in Toronto serving gourmet food, we are excited to offer fully customizable menus according to your tastes, event theme, and dietary restrictions. As much as we love serving the traditional street tacos and hot dogs - and we do, we recommend that you give the traditional food truck a twist, by serving our special Smoked Brisket Mac & Cheese or our Watermelon Salad, which is a perfect treat to beat the Toronto summer heat!

You can check our food truck menu here or contact us to discuss your event vision and we can create the perfect food truck menu for you!

2. Food Trucks are mobile!

As obvious as it may sound, Food trucks are free to move around, which means, we come to you - any time any place! You can book us at for a corporate event at the office, an event hosted at your home, as a late night option or food station at your wedding, or even for a festival or concert! We have the ability to pull up right outside your location, serving you and your guests delicious food in no time - with zero fuss. It is a kitchen on wheels, and we take the mess with us when we leave!

3. Unique Food Concepts

It is often though that food trucks have limited menu options available given the space constraints but this is not-at-all true! We pride ourselves on the ability to adapt fun, and delicious menu items into unique options that will excite guests and can be served efficiently in this format.

The TOBEN food truck serves traditional food truck offerings you will be comforted to see, as well as more exciting and 'out side the box' menus, sure to please - - such as our Crispy Cauliflower Salad and Korean Braised Short Rib Tater Tots Be it TOBEN’s conventional catering, or the TOBEN food truck, we make sure you get the most unique food concepts, leaving your guests coming back for more!

4. Quick yet quality

One of the best parts about the food truck is that it can serve great quality food, really quickly! Be it lining up at a festival, or grabbing desserts outside the party, the TOBEN food truck doesn't keep anyone waiting for long. It is ideal to book our food truck when you want quick service, and quality offerings for your guests. All prepared fresh to order - and made from scratch!

5. Extension of the party

There’s nothing better than the smell of delicious food. Imagine your guests departing your event and they’re met with the aroma of fresh cooked Nutella Churros, Parmesan Truffled Fries, or TOBEN’s Classic Poutine! Booking our food truck extends your guests enjoyment - beyond your venue - no matter where you are, and who doesn’t love a late night snack!