Specializing in Global cuisine, we here at TOBEN love using all different kinds of spices and flavours for our dishes. Widely used in Indian & Asian culture for both flavour and colouring, Tumeric is one of those spices we can't get enough of. 

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Definition of turmeric

1:  an Indian perennial herb (Curcuma longasynonymC. domestica) of the ginger family with a large aromatic yellow rhizome

2:  the boiled, dried, and usually ground rhizome of the turmeric plant used as a coloring agent, a flavoring, or a stimulant

3:  a yellow to reddish-brown dyestuff obtained from turmeric


Not only is Turmeric used in dishes to add colour and/or flavour, but there are many different health benefits that go with it. 


  • Antioxidant: Ability to quench free radicals that can cause mutation in our DNA.

  • Cancer Preventative: The cancer-causing effects of cigarette smoke, barbequing, and smoke of any kind are suppressed by curcumin.

  • Liver Protective: Shown to have a protective effect on the liver and is incredibly effective at increasing bile release, which helps with fat digestion.

  • Wound Healing: Natural antiseptic & antibacterial properties to keep infection away from cuts and burns.

  • Super Brain Function: Greatly reduces the rate of mental decline.

  • Natural Pain Killer: Helps reduce the sensation of chronic pain

  • Promote Weightloss: Helps manage weight loss and aid motabolism

  • Reduce Depression: A staple in Chinese medicine for helping lift the mood in cases of depression

  • Skin Healing: Can help internally and topically with psoriasis and other inflammatory skin condition

For those interested in reaping the benefits of Turmeric, we have listed some quick suggestions to add turmeric to your everyday life


  • Scrambled Eggs or Frittatas

  • Roasted Vegetables

  • Rice

  • Greens

  • Soups

  • Smoothies

  • Teas

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