5 Global Holiday Food Traditions that will make you want to celebrate all month long!

There are almost 30 different global holidays in December! So there are some incredible traditional meals or food traditions from all over the world, and they will make you want to celebrate ALL month long!


Milk and Cookies

We all know the tradition of Santa’s Milk and Cookies - but where did it come from?

During the depression back in the 1930’s, parents were looking for a way to teach children the value of charity and gratitude for the gifts they were about to receive. Which is why it’s one tradition we can really get behind.


Candy in your Shoes?


This is a tradition that is celebrated in Christianity all over the world, but mostly in Europe. Children put their slippers or socks at the end of their bed, and sometimes in the living room on St. Nicholas day (which depends on what region you are in). In the morning they wake up to little treats like candies and cookies in their footwear! Sometimes they get little gifts as well.


Latkes (Fried Potato Pancakes)


This incredible dish is a Jewish tradition, to eat during Hanukkah. The oil it is cooked in symbolises the oil that burned for 8 days during the rededication of the Holy Temple. These are so simple to make and require only 6 main ingredients:

  • Russet potatoes

  • Yellow Onions

  • Eggs

  • Flour

  • Cooking oil

  • Kosher salt


There are many different versions and variations of this recipes that include different ingredients like zucchini or celery. And they are usually served with sour cream and applesauce on the side!


Kentucky Fried Chicken


In Japan, home cooked meals are not the norm for the Holidays, in fact most families will be ordering from the American food chain months in advance to get the infamous Christmas Chicken Dinner! Most families don't celebrate Christmas but thanks to a KFC marketing campaign in 1974, it became a huge tradition to order anyways, since turkey is a meat you cannot find in Japan. Here at Toben we love fried chicken too! Check out these Fried Chicken and Waffle cones we served up this year:  (Picture from FB instagram event)


Lentil Soup


In Italy is it believed that eating Lentil soup on New Years will bring you prosperity and good luck! This soup is usually accompanied by a spicy sausage called cotechino, making it a incredibly delicious way to start off the new year!


What is your favourite traditional dish or food based tradition during the holidays? Let us know down below!